April 7, 2022

What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

Hello! I thought it would be helpful to make a blog post with tips on what to wear for your upcoming engagement session. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it’s helpful!

  1. How to Coordinate Your Outfits: It’s important for your engagement session to coordinate your outfit with your partner. But there is a difference between matching and coordinating. You don’t want to wear the exact same color as your partner, instead, wear colors that complement each other. For example, if your partner is wearing a blue suit, oranges, yellows, and pinks tend to complement blue very well. 
  2. Plan Your Outfit According to the Season: It’s important to keep in mind the season of your engagement session. A burgundy dress would look really pretty for a fall or winter session, but maybe not as fitting for a summer session. It’s also a good idea to bring a jacket or coat to your engagement session. This way you can have some pictures with your coats on and some with them off.
  3. Keep Your Background in Mind: When choosing your outfits, it’s best to take into consideration what your background and surroundings will look like at your photoshoot. If you are having your engagement session in a park with lots of trees, there will most likely be a lot of greenery in the background. So wearing green probably wouldn’t be the best idea because you might blend into the background, instead of standing out. 
  4. Bring Extra Shoes: If you plan on wearing heels during your engagement session, it’s a great idea to bring a more comfortable pair of shoes to wear when walking to different photo spots. This way your feet won’t hurt as much and the photos will still look amazing!
  5. When in Doubt, Wear Neutral Colors: Deciding on what color to wear for your engagement session can be tricky, but neutral colors are always the way to go! You don’t want to wear colors that are too bright (unless it’s meant to be a statement piece) or anything with a big logo or design on it. Neutral colors go well with everything and will allow you and your partner to be the focus of the photos!
  6. Be Yourself: The most important tip when deciding what to wear is to remember to be yourself! Don’t wear something that doesn’t feel like you or that you would never see yourself wearing. It’s important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing so you can be your most amazing and confident self!

Photographer: Elise Filliccia Photography

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