memories are made in the margins


Let the day flow naturally, candidly, unfussily. I’ll be beside you, guiding the way. Ensuring that your minutes are stretched and your connection is captured.

Bride and groom holding hands while walking down street in Detroit. Photographed by Michigan Wedding Photographer.




Adhering to the real and raw emotions that make even those who are uncomfortable in front of a lens at ease. Throwing out the age-old tradition of, “Turn to me and say ‘Cheese’” to give a more balanced, natural atmosphere. We aren’t here for the fuss, we are here for the party. It’s the joy of flipping through your gallery and seeing images you had no idea were even being taken. It’s the delight of catching conversations and glimpses happening beyond your scope that you’ll grow fond of. Those are the moments I look for, the honest connections we tend to remember.

I take the approach of documentation, interweaving a mixture of posed and unposed to give you a complete collection of your day. The traditional photos you’ll want to share with family and the images of you participating in the celebration. It is your day, and I want to witness you become a part of it. Not just checking things off a timeline. But actively sharing appetizers during cocktail hour, laughing on the dance floor, and cramming into a photobooth with friends. I’m there to catch all the moments that make your day feel like you; both of you. It is about the experience and the stories that will be shared long after the party ends.

Let’s take a walk after the sun sets. Bask in the soft glow of the warm sun, a few minutes alone, away from the dinner chatter and distant music. Give each other 10 minutes of intimate bliss, the first few in a lifelong to come. I’ll be there, quietly detached, just collecting snapshots while you reminisce on the day so far. Whispered laughter, post-vow jitters, and bubbling excitement. The candid, real emotions are effortlessly captured.



Offering an experience tailored to your day. Our time together doesn’t begin on the day of the wedding. Our relationship begins with the first phone call! Chatting through your vision and connecting over the coming months allows me to guide you through your day without a feeling of haste but with ease and laughter. It will allow you both to become more present, and the photos I capture will reflect that natural joy. These will be the images you'll treasure over the years on future Holidays and as your family grows.

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The size of the party doesn’t matter, just the size of the love. I’ll be there to capture your “I do’s,” whether it’s in the backyard of your family home or seaside with music echoing in the distance. Wherever the destination leads you, you can trust that I’ll capture the essence of your love as honestly and naturally as it flows.

Available for travel worldwide

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The ideal option for branding clients looking for headshots, couple and engagement photos, and also those interested in maternity portraits. The excitement of following my clients through all stages of life is one of the greatest perks of being behind the lens. Documenting clients as they progress into parenthood, or as their businesses evolve, brings a little bit of magic to each session.

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prints & albums

The old-fashioned feel of something tangible to reminisce on. Not just scrolling through your phone to show Grandma but something you can lay on her lap and smile over together. These mementos are offered in a range of sizes and styles, and I can help you choose the one that fits your personal style best.

Available in an array of sizes.








Once you have the proposal, feel free to contact me with any questions. Once everything looks great, we will move on to a contract going over the details. A signed contract and deposit will effectively “Save Your Date” and then begins the real fun!

From the moment we initially chat until the day of your wedding, I am planning pieces of your day. Envisioning your style, your poses, the details you have put into place to make sure I capture all of the little moments you will treasure most.

After confirming I have your date available, I will set up a quick call to listen to your vision and the plans you have made so far. We will go through your inspirations and just all around get to know each other. I’ll collect information to create a personalized proposal for you to review.


Absolutely! I'm available for travel worldwide. I would be happy & honored to travel to wherever your love story takes me. Travel is included in all custom offerings, so you will never have to worry about any extra, unexpected costs. For specific destinations on my bucket list, I even offer discounted rates! View my 2024 travel calendar and bucket list here.

For me, film photography's real charm lies in its aesthetics. There's an unbeatable, nostalgic, and natural vibe about film that's hard to put into words but oh-so-irresistible. Film gives you this incredible flexibility with exposure and a palette of colors that's rich and beautifully textured. The depth it adds and how it enhances skin tones is just impossible to replicate digitally. My clients get a mix of both digital and film images, showcasing that nostalgic film feel we love. I've got film ready to roll, ensuring you get a gallery that's a beautiful blend of digital and film photography.

Absolutely! I am a registered, licensed, and insured LLC. When researching potential wedding vendors, it’s best to work with businesses that are registered, pay taxes, and have insurance. This way everyone is protected! Let me know if your venue requires a certificate of insurance.

Yes! I'm a hybrid photographer, which means I photograph with both film and digital cameras. I base my timeless, true to life editing from my film images and match the digitals. Each session and event is uniquely different and exact ratios of each is my always my artistic discretion. You will receive film scans along with the digital frames in your online gallery.



EFP Wedding Collections range from intimate wedding days to entire destination wedding weekends with our couples. Most couples working with me create their custom collection to include 9-12 hours of wedding day coverage, rehearsal dinner coverage, and an engagement session, but I also have an a la carte menu available to further customize your investment. Collections always include full printing and download rights to the edited, high-res images within your private online gallery. No two wedding days are the same, so while I do have a minimum rate as a base to build off of, I will always tailor a proposal custom to what you and your specific day needs. Please reach out to learn more- I would love to help tailor your Wedding Photography Experience.

Please contact me directly for pricing and availability.

This depends on the hours of photography coverage booked and how eventful your wedding timeline is! For example, I deliver around 1000 photographs per 8-hour wedding.

For sessions, you’ll receive them in 3 weeks or less. For your wedding day, your online gallery will be sent to you in 5-7 weeks or less. I make it my priority to not have you waiting months for your final images after the initial excitement has worn off.  Due to the nature of film, my developing lab's schedule can sometimes vary during peak seasons and this will be discussed during our consultation. I also send you an email when your gallery is close to being complete to let you know when you should expect it! I do this, so you and your partner can plan a romantic viewing party and view it together instead of in line at Costco.

My approach to any session is relaxed, fun, and all about making sure you feel confident in front of my camera. My posing style is a blend of documentation like candids and artfully-directed, editorial-inspired photos. Let me know if you have a particular vibe that you’re looking to achieve with your photos or if there's a specific story to be told!

All couples! Love is not only patient and kind but it also goes beyond any boundaries and embraces everyone. I strongly believe that love in all its forms deserves to be celebrated, accepted, and documented. My clients are passionate people who value honesty, family, and communication. They are sentimental at heart and they aren't afraid to have a little fun, either.

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