A documentary-style approach to telling your story; I am right there for what you need when you need it. You know those sentimental feelings of nostalgia you get when flipping through old photos? The images from when you were relaxed and carefree? Just looking at them is like you took a time machine back in time, as all the emotions and memories rush back to you in an instant. That's how I want my photos to make you feel. Although rest assured, when the time calls for a some posing and direction, I am happy and ready to take the lead.

Every decision made on your wedding day is considered with intention, ensuring your best interests are always top priority. Whether that's deciding the best spots for portraits, removing distractions, or photographing the details, I take the lead as a director, so your photos will be stunning and timeless. My goal is to capture the candid, real moments that tell your story as well as the traditional, editorial-style shots that your family will frame on their walls for the years to come. Your photos will be part of your legacy together; when you two are sitting down on your 50th anniversary looking at your old wedding album, you'll get to see photos that genuinely look and feel like you.

No two wedding days are the same, so once you get in touch, I will send my pricing guide and we'll hop on a discovery call to talk more about your wedding day! After that. you are able to able to choose one of the set collections or I will build your custom proposal tailored to you and your special day.