March 1, 2023

Wedding Planning: It’s Okay to Be Extra

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen countless couples plan their perfect wedding day. Each couple has a unique vision for their special day, and it’s my job to artfully capture their dream wedding. However, during the wedding planning process, I’ve also seen some couples hold back on their ideas. They’re sometimes worried that they might be “too extra” or not fit in with traditional wedding norms. So I want to take a moment to tell you that it’s perfectly okay to be “extra” and plan your dream wedding.

Firstly your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your partner. It’s a celebration of your love story and a chance to share your happiness with your family and friends. Whether that means you want to have a themed wedding or a non-traditional venue, I encourage you to go for it. Heck, I went and took self-portraits in the freezing cold of January wearing a tulle skirt for the sake of the look. Trust me when I say your “extra-ness” is safe around here.

I’ve found that the best wedding photos come from couples who are comfortable and confident in their choices. When you plan a wedding that truly reflects your personalities and your relationship, it creates a magical atmosphere that can be felt by everyone in attendance. And as a photographer, I can capture those moments of joy, laughter, and flair for you to treasure forever.

So don’t hold back on your ideas or try to fit into someone else’s idea of what a wedding “should” look like. Embrace your individuality and plan the wedding of your dreams. Trust me, your wedding photos will be all the more special for it.

Of course, I understand that planning a dream wedding can come with its own set of challenges. Budgets, timelines, and family expectations can all play a role in the planning process. But I want to assure you that there are always ways to make your dreams a reality, no matter what obstacles you may face. As a wedding photographer, I’m truly here to support you and help you capture your vision for your special day.

So I wanted to put it out there for all the newly engaged couples and my dear clients: embrace your inner “extra.” Plan the wedding of your dreams, and let’s capture those magical moments together. Your love is unique and special, and your wedding day should reflect that.

Photographer: Elise Filliccia Photography

Wedding Venues: Meadow Brook Hall, The DIA, Castle Farms, Highlands Detroit

Bride and groom at The DIA for their wedding photos
Wedding table scape at castle farms
Bride and groom clinking champagne glasses at the highlands in detroit