Down-to-Earth Approach

Known for my photojournalistic approach with editorial flair, my passion lies in capturing gorgeous events candidly and artfully directed. My goal is to capture what our clients need in a way that resonates with you.

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Weddings can be unpredictable, no matter who's leading the way or how the day unfolds. Having a team that embraces the unexpected and handles it smoothly is essential. The attention to detail, creativity, and hard work into bringing this couple's vision to reality does not go unnoticed, You deserve recognition and beautiful imagery that not only captures but also enhances the magic of the wedding you've crafted.

Adaptable to any lighting condition, I continuously explore fresh compositions and lighting to preserve the stylish charm of both candid and directed moments. My professional and down-to-earth nature fosters a relaxed atmosphere where others can comfortably express themselves. I make it a priority to know each couple's individual tastes and wishes.

"Elise is an amazing photographer; professional, and personal. You can tell how much she cares in the details the moment you meet with her."

- Krystina Lynn Weddings & Events

“Elise is an amazing photographer; professional, and personal. You can tell how much she cares in the details the moment you meet with her.” – Krystina Lynn Weddings & Events


—T he Brewers

The Williamston Collection

this collection Includes:

8 hours of consecutive coverage with Elise

Second photographer

Engagement session (up to 2 hours)

Elise will finely retouch all images

Online gallery for viewing and ordering your engagement session & wedding day photos

Digital download and printing release rights to your images

Gallery will include a hybrid of film and digital images

my approach

My style on wedding days is photojournalistic and artfully directed which truly creates a memorable experience. I carefully curate a blend of editorial-inspired images and candid moments that stand the test of time. I believe in having the best of both worlds. While I do focus on the details, I am about people first and you can expect to find me going with-the-flow on a wedding day. For me, I'm able to find something beautiful and creative out of every moment and this leaves my clients and their vendors with a gallery full of photos and angles they didn't expect, but knew they desired.

I'm a hybrid photographer which means my clients get a beautiful blend of both digital and film photos. Film lovers know film's real charm lies in its aesthetics. There's an unbeatable, nostalgic, and natural vibe about it that's hard to put into words but oh-so-irresistible. Film gives you this incredible flexibility with exposure and a palette of colors that's rich and beautifully textured. The depth it adds and how it enhances skin tones is what feeds my creativity when matching or inspiring my digital images.

My clients are passionate people who value family bonds and fashion. They don't keep up with The Jones', they want intentionality and something different for their wedding. The couples I work with are sentimental at heart and they aren't afraid to have a little fun, either.

I create custom proposals, ensuring that each collection is truly personalized to our client's experience and needs.

Whether it's just me or me and a team member, I am dedicated to constant and clear communication with both our clients and you. Leaving a lasting impression of an effortless client experience is important to me, so I don't have an automated workflow full of unnecessary meetings or content. And while staying true to the timeline is a priority, I am always adapting as needed with a positive attitude.

EFP Wedding Collections range from intimate wedding days to entire destination wedding weekends with our couples. No two wedding days are the same, so while I do have a minimum rate as a base to build off of, I will always tailor a proposal custom to what your clients and their specific day needs. Please reach out to learn more, I'm looking forward to it.