March 31, 2022

Helpful Tips for Couples Session Posing

  1. Movement: When taking photos, movement is always a great idea with couples posing. Whether it be walking, dancing, or jumping around, the movement always looks great in photos! If you feel a little silly, you’re probably doing it right! 
  2. Show Emotions: What’s amazing about photography is portraying emotions and connection through pictures. So during your couple session, remember to show your feelings with your partner. Take soulful shots, take pictures smiling, and take some laughing as well! It’s important to remember to have fun with it!
  3. Use Your Surroundings: Whether you’re at a park, a downtown area, or a restaurant for your couple shoot, use what’s around you when posing. For example, at a park, there are usually benches, fountains, and bridges which always look beautiful in pictures! You can take some pictures cuddling on a bench for a more romantic feel or take some holding hands, walking on a bridge!
  4. Stay Touching: Whether it’s handholding, a warm embrace, or a gentle kiss touching your partner is the best way to show true connection in photos. It can help you feel less awkward too, so I always tell my couples to just make sure there are no gaps between the two of you.
  5. Bring Props: It’s always fun to bring props to a photoshoot to help with couple posing! Some examples include flowers, food and drinks, eco-friendly confetti, bubbles, or a blanket! These can give your pictures a cute extra touch!
  6. Talk to Your Partner: Talking to your partner during your photoshoot always helps couples to relax and helps me get even more of those fun candid shots we all love! It’s also cute to whisper something in your partner’s ear for a fun photo idea!

Photographer: Elise Filliccia Photography