April 13, 2022

Justin & Nicki | Charming Engagement Session | Wolcott Mill

Justin and Nicki got engaged in February of 2021, and I was so excited for this charming engagement session! We picked the Wolcott Mill for the location, and it was the perfect spot for this shoot! Nicki and Justin met online and clicked instantly! Nicki told me that she never thought soulmates were real until she met Justin. I thought that was so romantic! Nicki  and Justin really enjoy camping and being adventurous, but they also love just spending time at home, as long as they’re doing something together!

Justin and Nicki haven’t done many photoshoots in the past but they were naturals in front of the camera! We started our session off on this gorgeous bridge in Wolcott Mill. The sun was hitting perfectly and gave that golden glow in the pictures, which I absolutely love! Justin and Nicki did a quick outfit change and we took some more pictures in the woods part of the Wolcott Mill. I loved how the scenery looked with their outfits, and they even brought a cozy plaid blanket to use as a prop! We had so much fun during this shoot, and I’m so happy to share the results with you from this sweet and charming engagement session!

Photographer: Elise Filliccia Photography

Location: Wolcott Mill

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